A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An experiment with the ROT.js based library for love2d, rotLove. 

This was my first jam and it was definitely a learning experience. Things got complicated really quickly as the library didn't have too much documentation and the examples they had were kinda just "use this and its magic." Aditionally, working alone on a project is really hard as there isn't anyone to encourage you to keep going when you burn out :P

Oh well though, there's always something to be said for learning experiences :) See y'all next jam


this game runs using Love2d and is packaged as lostArtist.exe for windows, and lostArtist.love for any other platform the LOVE engine can run on (linux). To run lostArtist.love, you need to have love2d installed which can be obtained here for your desired platform. After installing, it should be able to be run by double clicking the .love file.

This game is open source! The source code can be accessed here: https://gitlab.com/masonraus/LostArtist


lostArtist.exe 488 kB
lostArtist.love 114 kB
LostArtist-source.tar.gz 95 kB


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How to run the game on arch linux? readme.md is empty :(

Not sure about arch Linux, you would need the love2d libraries but I haven't found anything about how to install them on arch... :(


Install the current version of love with "pacman -S love" and then run "love lostArtist.love" from the terminal. Don't know if you can run it by just double clicking after installing love.

cant run the .exe because its missing a .dll file and i cant run the other two files.

I'll take a look at that and get that exe working. The .love file should work if you have the love2d binaries installed